Did you know that before trusting a company, consumers check an average of 7 reviews? But have you ever considered applying the same strategy to colleges? In fact, reviews of colleges written by current students and recent alumni can be extremely helpful in assisting future students in choosing their foreign study programmes and destinations. With the aid of Studyportals, you may look up universities anywhere in the world and determine if they’re the best fit for you by reading the ratings and evaluations submitted by students. This is a fantastic approach to learn which overseas universities students like you think are the best. What exactly are student reviews? On Studyportals, you may read testimonials about the experience of studying at a university from former and present international students. Student reviews incorporate star ratings and text descriptions. These accounts describe the authentic interactions of people who have actually studied abroad. Think of the reviews for universities as being similar to those for services like Airbnb, Uber, IMDB, or anything you might buy on Amazon. If it has a low or no rating, how likely are you to choose a hotel, hire a driver, buy a product, or see a movie? International universities should conduct themselves in the same way, according to Studyportals.

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